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How to Clone a Website

Duplicating a website entails creating an identical copy, including pages, posts, databases, and other files. You can make changes, updates, and modifications without affecting the primary website, ensuring a seamless development process.

How to Reinstall WordPress Core Files

This function is designed to reinstall all the original core files that contain the WordPress software. This action does not delete content or change settings on the site; it returns the site to its previous operational state.

How to Create an SFTP Account

Using the interface, you can quickly create an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) account to download and upload the website files from the local computer to the server in an encrypted and secure manner.

How to Enable Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode allows developers to display a message informing the surfers that they are working on the website to improve the user experience or add new services or products, and the website will be back on air shortly.

How to Enable Development Mode

Development mode enables users to deactivate caching while actively working on their website, ensuring instant review of changes without caching delays and facilitating easier testing and debugging during website development.

Advanced PHP Settings

Choose to edit PHP.ini files through simple or advanced editors.

How to Create a Testing Environment

Create an isolated testing environment to make changes and updates without impacting your production environment.

How to Change PHP Version

Developers change PHP versions for various reasons, which can depend on factors such as performance, security, compatibility, and the availability of new features.

How to Clear Cache in Nginx/Cloudflare

When making changes and updates to your website, we recommend clearing the Nginx (webserver) and Cloudflare caches to ensure users see the updated content, promising better performance.

How to Enable WordPress Debug Mode

WordPress Debug Mode helps developers identify and fix issues within their WordPress websites. Detailed error messages are displayed when debug mode is enabled, providing information about PHP errors and warnings.

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