General Features

How to Clone Your Website

Duplicating a website entails creating an identical copy, including pages, posts, databases, and other files. You can make changes, updates, and modifications without affecting the primary website, ensuring a seamless development process.

How to Install a WordPress Plugin or Theme

Here’s a quick guide on installing and managing WordPress plugins and design kits.

How to Set Up Resource Utilization Alerts

Get email notifications when reaching a specific percentage of monthly resource usage, such as visitor traffic and storage.

How to Create a Website

Add your website to the ClickPress interface in three easy and quick steps.

How to Create 301/302 Redirects

301 and 302 redirects, known as permanent and temporary redirects, respectively, efficiently and seamlessly redirect users from one URL to another. These directives notify search engines about changes or permanent deletions of specific pages on the site. It helps maintain search engine rankings and ensures a smooth and uninterrupted user experience by guiding visitors to the correct and relevant content.

How to Delete your Website

Please note that once you delete the website from the interface, this action deletes all website content and files permanently, and our support team cannot restore them.

How to Create a Support Ticket

Here's a concise guide to creating a support ticket for contacting the sales, billing, and support departments.

How to Change your Password

Here's a quick guide on how to change your password through the interface.

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